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Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a reorganization proceeding used by businesses, including corporations, other entities and sole proprietors. The business controls its assets and operations as a debtor-in-possession while gaining many of the powers and responsibilities of a bankruptcy trustee. Through this continuation of management with enhanced powers, troubled business can solve otherwise seemingly unsolvable problems.

Many business owners have used a Chapter 11 bankruptcy to obtain necessary debt relief and save their business. At Wayne Greenwald, P.C., we have considerable experience in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. We have represented businesses of all sizes and from myriad industries that require sophisticated legal representation.

Why Hire Us?

Wayne Greenwald, P.C., is a leader in the field of bankruptcy and debtor-creditor law. Our clients are often referred to us by accountants and other lawyers who respect our ability to effectively represent individuals and businesses facing complex legal and financial challenges.

Unlike many other bankruptcy firms that only handle consumer bankruptcy, we have extensive experience representing businesses in Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Similarly, our experience representing individuals enables us to understand and anticipate the personal needs and concerns of corporate officers. Our legal practice covers a wide spectrum of debtors' rights matters that may affect you now or in the future:

  • If a Chapter 11 bankruptcy will not save your business, we can pursue a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy to protect you from creditors who pursue debts against you as an individual.
  • If bankruptcy is not the right solution to your debt challenges, we offer a wide range of non-bankruptcy alternatives designed to help clients obtain debt relief.
  • We can provide vigorous representation if you are involved in a commercial dispute.

We have helped many business owners protect their business through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy. If Chapter 11 bankruptcy is not the right solution for your particular debt challenge, we have many legal tools at our disposal to protect your rights and financial interests.

The Economics of It All

Wayne Greenwald is a compact firm. Therefore, we provide high-quality legal services at economics not available at most larger firms. Nevertheless, our firm can service almost any sized project. We can expand our resources to fit our clients' needs.

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