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Posts tagged "Bankruptcy Code"

A Hard Lesson from a Lucky Debtor with Inaccurate Schedules

A Hard Lesson from a Lucky Debtor with Inaccurate Schedules By Wayne GreenwaldWe can't overemphasize the importance of filing accurate schedules and statements in a bankruptcy case. Regardless of lawyers' skills, clients must review their schedules carefully before signing them. The recent decision in Crawford v. Franklin Credit Management Corp.1 ("Crawford") illustrates the dangers of inaccurate schedules and a lucky "escape hatch."

A "Kodak Moment" for Landlords & Tenants

A Kodak Moment for Landlords and Tenants By Wayne GreenwaldThe Eastman Kodak Company reorganization2 provided a "shot in the arm" for debtors and a shot at landlords to be reckoned with. In re Eastman Kodak Company, 495 B.R. 618 (Bankr S.D.N.Y. 2013) ("Kodak").

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