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Wayne Greenwald, P.C.

“Wayne is not only a professional attorney but an amazing human being with high empathy who goes above and beyond to help his clients. One of my personal stories and of my family where Wayne dedicated hours to helping my parents, helping myself to get out of a very difficult family financial crisis created by a failure of a family business. Wayne charges for what he does, he doesn’t charge money for blah blah blah, he only takes money for actual work that he does and most of all he delivers! Thanks to him I have saved myself from creditors getting judgments against my house, I was able to successfully and strategically get myself and my parents out of a complicated financial issue. I will recommend Wayne over and over to any of my fellow friends if they end up in an unfortunate situation like I was.”Ilya

“Mr. Greenwald, founder of the Law Office Of Wayne Greenwald is extremely knowledgeable, well respected (by peers and judges) and compassionate attorney. Prompt responses and incredible bedside manners. His experience and knowledge of bankruptcy law are unparalleled. Billing compared to other lawyers, is very fair. Wayne and I journeyed through several years of litigation. During the process, Mr. Greenwald helped me through mistakes on my Chapter 13 (done elsewhere), converted to a Chapter 11 and helped me restructure my life. Wayne was instrumental in dealing with the U.S. Trustee, creditors, and settlements. He providing proper legal advice and guidance without upsetting the Bankruptcy Judge. When it comes to Bankruptcy Law, this man is a walking dictionary/ encyclopedia. Wayne Greenwald was recommended to me by a close friend. A very powerful, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney. ( My friend does not do BK Law) As for reviews: ( I would say the following) Knowledge – 5 STARS. Experience – 5 STARS. Bedside Manners – 5 STARS. Responsiveness – 5 STARS. Results – 5 STARS. As for billing, very fair. More important I started with a lower-priced Bankruptcy attorney. We started with Chapter 13. While that Bankruptcy Attorney ( nothing to do with Wayne Greenwald) was significantly cheaper, he never mentioned ” I WAS NOT QUALIFIED FOR A 13″. It was money wasted. You get what you pay for.”A Satisfied Client

“Wayne is a patient and detailed attorney who knows exactly what he’s doing in the world of Chapter 7 and 11. Dealing with these initially frightening options can be emotional and frustrating. Wayne was able to give me a clear and detailed path to moving forward and at every step of the way was honest and knowledgeable. There are no guarantees things will go the way you want them to, so have an attorney like Wayne who knows how to position you the best is the most important thing. After two years working with him on my case, I learned some great parenting advice in addition to overall life advice. He’s a fellow father and now certainly a friend. In the end, all worked out with my case and I was able to discharge 6 figures of exhaustive credit card debt that racked up interest for years. He helped give me a new start and ultimately positioned me for success. Never give up and don’t feel guilty for admitting you’ve made mistakes…second chances are possible and learn from the advice Wayne will have to offer. I highly recommend Wayne Greenwald and wish you the best on your journey.”Andrew

“I had the pleasure of dealing with Wayne on a complex bankruptcy and securities matter. Within the first 5 minutes of speaking with him, he immediately put my mind at ease, and the patience with which he explained everything in layman’s terms was refreshing. Wayne figured out novel approaches that no bankruptcy lawyer before him had even thought of, and immediately came up with a cohesive strategy to defend the case in the most expedient manner possible. Going thru bankruptcy litigation is never a fun thing and I would never wish this upon anyone, but having attorney’s with the demeanor and professionalism of Wayne certainly makes things easier and I highly recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.”Neil

“I used Mr. Greenwald’s services for several years. I had a complex case and he guided me through all the steps. He provided great advice and support whenever I reached out to him. He was understanding and professional. I was impressed by his extensive knowledge and expertise in his field. I highly recommend him. He made me feel comfortable and at ease whenever I discussed the case with him. A great lawyer and a great staff as well.”MK

“When I was referred to Mr. Greenwald I was deep in debt and going through a hostile separation. I was upset, fearful, and didn’t really know the right thing to do. Mr. Greenwald had so much patience. He answered all of my questions and we reviewed all of the options. When I was in court for the first time and saw how it was there and how people were treated, his presence was reassuring, He advocated for me with an unfriendly and judgmental court. He presented my case in more than one court as they refused our original request for a Chapter 7 and threw me to the wolves for a Chapter 13. He held true to our original goal and after time the courts agreed with him and finally closed my case. I ended up NOT having to go back to court! His patience, knowledge of the law, and the system, plus his tenure and excellence in his field won the day and won me my freedom and peace of mind. His soft-spoken manner is a fabulous veneer over his steel sharp sensibility. Mr. Greenwald exhibits excellence of character and expertise, and still treats his client as a human with understanding and patience.”Stacey

“Without providing a lot of details, Wayne’s answer to my question was very helpful.”A Satisfied Client

“I have really enjoyed working with Wayne, His integrity and Reputation speaks volumes as he cares deeply about his clients.”Lee R.

“Wayne is a teriffic attorney and very helpful. I highly recommend his services.”Thomas P.

“Wayne Greenwald is an exceptional attorney and I would highly recommend him.”Bob L.