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Wayne Greenwald, P.C.

New York Bankruptcy Litigation Attorney

After a financial crime or a business deal goes bad, a debtor may choose to file for bankruptcy. Creditors and investors may feel aggrieved and unable to recover their losses in that bankruptcy case. They may seek recourse against the innocent spouse or business associate who they believe knew of the debtor’s misconduct.

If you are a spouse, business associate or other party who requires a vigorous defense to a civil lawsuit, you can find the necessary legal counsel at Wayne Greenwald, P.C. Based in New York City, we represent clients from around the world in debtor-creditor matters, including business and commercial litigation involving debtor/creditor disputes. We have extensive experience in bankruptcy fallout litigation.

Likewise, if you feel that you are the victim of one of these debtors, Wayne Greenwald, P.C., can prosecute your claim that your debt is not dischargeable in an individual debtor’s bankruptcy or that the debtor is not entitled to a discharge at all. In corporate cases, we can investigate and assert what other rights and remedies you may have.

You can rely on our experience and expertise. Our firm has been handling debtor-creditor matters on behalf of individual and corporate clients for more than 30 years. We are an established and highly respected law firm that will vigorously protect your rights. We represent clients at all stages of case development from pre-claim demands to mediation, arbitration and trial.

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Commercial litigation is disputes regarding commercial subjects. One form of commercial litigation is breach of contract. Other forms are racketeering or business torts. Another is disputes between shareholders and corporations for their dissolution. It is litigation that occurs in the realm of commerce as opposed to civil litigation between two people…Read More

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