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Wayne Greenwald, P.C.

Considering Bankruptcy? Here’s Free Advice from a Bankruptcy Judge

  • Wayne Greenwald, P.C.
  • Published: October 4, 2017

I stumbled on retired Bankruptcy Judge Charles Case’s video for folks considering bankruptcy relief. It’s the first time I said “amen” after a video.

Click here to watch the video.

His important points include:

  • This is your bankruptcy case — pay attention — take charge of it.
  • Timing is important to preserve your rights.
  • Fill forms completely and honestly.
  • Bankruptcy is complicated, so hire an experienced lawyer.
  • Don’t think you can afford a lawyer? Most offer a free initial consultation.

We also offer a free telephone consultation. We’ll discuss if and when filing is a good idea and bankruptcy alternatives. Together, we’ll decide if an “in person” consultation makes sense.

We have some advice, additional to Judge Case’s list:

1. Don’t think…know. Many clients include the words “I thought” in describing what caused their problem. It may take a little more effort to know instead of think. But peace of mind and certainty of outcome are worth it. Ask your lawyer for guidance. That’s why you hired us. Know as much as possible before doing (or not doing) anything.

2. Do it! Yes, we give you unpleasant homework. But do it when asked and do it right. We’re then out of your hair. You meet deadlines. Your case goes smoothly.

3. Meet deadlines. We don’t make them. We don’t like them either. Motions to extend deadlines cost you money. Ignoring them can cost much more.

4. Don’t worry. If you follow instructions, everything that can be done is being done. Worrying won’t make any difference.[1] If you have questions, ask them. If you’re unsure, ask a question.

This advice is not just for your bankruptcy case. Consider it as coaching for your “fresh start,” starting with your bankruptcy. It’s an approach for taking charge of your life and avoiding mistakes.

Bankruptcy is a strategy for success. It’s a chance to fix what’s wrong and get it right going forward. If you decided to do it, go for it!

As always, your thoughts are welcome.

[1] Credit the young Dalai Lama for that one.

Wayne Greenwald, P.C.

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